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As times progress, marketing and advertising is becoming more and more digital. People may find it challenging to work print into the mix, but if you can master the art of print and digital marketing, your business will soar among others. Statistics show (photo below) that, while digital marketing is growing immensely, customers tend to trust print marketing over digital. Digital is great for engagement and awareness, but print will always be tangible and authentic, making it highly memorable and trustworthy.

Print and Digital Stats

Different Ways to Integrate Digital Marketing with Print:

QR Codes: QR codes are a direct way to tie in your print marketing with your digital channels. Through the use of a mobile device you can make an easy transition between an physical advertisement to your customers online presence. “Not only can you drive traffic to your online campaigns but you can track cross pollination and harvest some interesting data on your users, such as when and where they are interacting with your printed material. QR codes in particular allow you to get really creative as well and can be printed onto practically anything.”


Connect With Social Media: You want your branding to be seamless and on-point through all channels, from billboards to Facebook advertisements. Using your print materials to connect to your social media or web presence is an excellent way to make the most of both worlds. “Social media remains the single most effective digital tool for reaching a lot of people in a short period of time. If you’ve cultivated your followings then social media can act as the perfect jump board for launching your printed marketing campaigns. As mentioned, this can be perfect for traffic flowing from print to digital but it can also be used to push traffic the other way.”

Mixing Technology: Let’s get physical! There are various ways you can mix technology with your print products. For example, if you are participating in a trade show, you can create printed graphic backgrounds and place a digital screens overtop such as a TV or I-pad. Don’t feel limited to one type of medium, the more the integration the better!

Take advantage of the world of possibilities with digital and print advertising and find the perfect mix between the two! For your printing needs, contact Boss Image Inc, your print experts.

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