Banner printing
March 31, 2017 Printing No Comments

Banners are a common and effective use of promotional printed materials to advertise a business. Creating a banner may seem relatively simple, but there is strategics when it comes to designing a BOSS banner! Like all promotional materials, all should follow the brand of the company for a seamless line of materials. While this is so, banners have specific questions to keep in mind when designing such as:

Where is your banner going?

There are a few factors that will change the end result of your banner. First you must establish where your banner will be going, whether it be in a trade show or outside of your store. Each will have a different audience, therefore different design attributes. Things to keep in mind as well, are the distances from which your banner will be seen. For example, if this is a large banner that should be seen from passing cars, we will play with the font and wording to reach the maximum amount of viewers. It’s important to communicate whether the banner will be positioned indoors or outdoors, as each will need different materials. Outdoor banners will be printed on weather-proof materials to prevent any corrosion.

What do you want your banner to say?

When it comes to signage, less is always more for words. Establish what you want your banner to say by determining the purpose of the banner. For example, is the banner used to represent a service in your company, or entice a customer to come into the store? Each will require different wording and design efforts.

How can your banner stand out?

This is the most crucial design aspect of designing a banner. We will need to work together to make your images and text stand out among a crowd. This is the time to nail down the font to be used, colour and letter contrast, as well as word placement; different words will be larger and more pronounced then others to get a certain point across.

We want you to have a banner you can be proud of showing wherever you need to advertise. Let Boss image Inc help you produce a creative and unique banner, as well any other promotional materials your business may need!

Written by BOSS