Vinyl banners are almost a no-maintenence advertising option, but there are ways to extend the life of your vinyl banner with little to almost no effort. Banner maintenance is a good idea, especially for businesses that are planning on using theirs multiple times a year for many years to come.

Storing Your Vinyl Banner

  • Never fold your banner – this could cause unsightly fold marks and hinder the way the banner design looks and functions. The best way to store a vinyl banner is to
  • Lay it flat – if you don’t have the room to lay it flat the second best storage idea is to roll the banner
  • Avoid storing the banner in damp areas for long periods of time due to moisture build up in the vinyl banner
  • When rolling your banner, you should always roll it with the graphics and print facing out toward you and not rolled inward onto itself – this helps preserve your graphics; especially in the event of differing temperatures which increases mold growth

Cleaning Your Vinyl Banner

The best way to clean your banner is simply by using a mild dish soap and warm water. Abrasive cleaners can affect the vinyl material and should be avoided at all costs. When you are done cleaning your vinyl banner, make sure you let it completely dry before storing.

How Often Should you Clean your Banner?

It all depends on the use of your banner, environment and location of your banner. For example, a banner hanging in a school hallway only requires weekly to biweekly dusting at most. But if your banner is located in a place where there is heavy traffic, being touched often or is susceptible to spills and other debris, you might want to wipe it down with a mild soap and water once or twice a week or on an as need basis.

When it comes to owning a banner, these few things will help preserve your banner for an even longer life span than originally expected. They are durable, long lasting and one of the best investments you will ever make.

Source: Banner Maintenance: Get More Life from Your Banner

Written by BOSS