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Print projects have a habit of being last minute. That’s something we’ve long accepted as being part of the job, and is in fact something we’ve made to be one of our best selling points – we can confidently take on those last-minute jobs and get them done on time!

The situation was no different for the Bayshore Shopping Center, who came to us looking to complete a large, last-minute job for their mall – which was to print hoarding graphics to cover a small modular hoarding system in the mall.

They needed this printed and installed within 4 days!

We followed up with a phone call shortly after receiving the e-mail. We provided an official estimate by 8:00pm the same night, and then received the printing files and financial information by Saturday at 11:00am.

We contacted our suppliers in Montreal and went to pick up media and ink for the job the same day. Sunday morning (2 days later), we went to measure the site, and at 1:00pm, we began production. Soon after producing the first panel we realized that we would have to laminate the hoarding graphics. We printed for 48 hours straight, nonstop.

Monday morning, we picked up laminate and started laminating. In twelve hours we laminated and trimmed most of the job. Tuesday afternoon (the day before the job was due), we began installation and completed it by 11:00pm the same night. Close to 3000 sq. /ft. was printed and installed in a matter of only 60 hours!

At BOSS Image Inc. we have state-of-the-art equipment and software as well as experienced technicians and installers, always ensuring quality output – installed on time.

The fast-paced world of print is not one for everyone, but it’s the one for us.

– Vence

Written by BOSS