Illuminated Sign
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If you are a local business, high tech company or part of the government agencies in Ottawa, the quote ‘first impression is the last impression’ holds true for you. Each private or public entity needs to ensure that they grab their customer’s attention by using engaging illuminated sign. It’s essential for the effective promotion of your business to have engaging signage both outdoors and indoors to allow the customer to feel welcome.

Why Do You Need an Illuminated Sign for Your Business

An elaborate illuminated sign is a difference between someone who walks right by your store unimpressed or comes in to check what you are offering. An effective illuminated signage for the exterior will help your business stand out from the competition. This signifies that the probability of your business being noticed through a signage is higher. Here are some excellent ideas to make your business stand out.

Pylon Signs to Get You Noticed

Pylon signs are one of the most effective types of illuminated signs in Ottawa. These signs are lit up in different shades and color by using LED technology. You can use pylon signs on walls, the entrance, and they also make excellent freestanding signs. You must think about what type of freestanding sign is more likely to catch the eye of the potential customer. You can choose a combination of sign cabinets; a LED message board on a pylon sign will be noticed on a busy road.

LED Channel Letters

The channel letters are versatile, elegant and most businesses are using these signs in Ottawa for business promotion. Channel letters as you might have guessed from their name are signs containing individual letters with LED light elements inside. The LED illuminates the individual letters; these signs are perfect for both indoors and outdoors. Channel letter signs are energy efficient, attractive and the best option for different kinds of businesses. If your business is located in a massive building then you can use channel letter signs Ottawa in various locations within the building.

Box Signs for Effective Promotion of Your Business

After channel letter signs, the box sign is the most effective way of highlighting your business. They serve as an effective means to grabbing the attention of your customer by placing them on storefronts and as freestanding signs Ottawa. Box signs include bright clear LEDs which illuminate the name of the brand, making it almost impossible for the customer to miss.


Illuminated signs are the best way to give your brand a new identity, including the company logo on different elaborate illuminated signs will give your brand the promotion it needs to stand out from the competition.

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