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Kids Wall Murals

2018 is here and its time you get to Wall Murals as an ideal way to add life to dull, boring walls. Wall murals come in a variety of designs and colors. Wall murals are made with many different techniques, materials, styles, and themes. It can be a way to portray a part of your personality allowing you to give a personal touch to your home. The use of…

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graphic design

Seeking a graphic design expert who understands your vision is not an easy task. As your business grows, it’s important for you to work towards improving your brand image. The first thing you can do is to hire an excellent graphic designer to help you choose a designer for your business.

Why do you Need Graphic Design Experts?

The reason you need to hire a graphic designer for your business is…

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vehicle wrap

Benefits of Getting a Vehicle Wrap

To make advertising for your business more effective the best option is to choose vehicle wrap. Using vehicle wraps to advertise and promote your business will make quite an impact on the customer. The best thing about getting a vehicle wrap as an advertisement is that they instantly grab the attention of potential customers. Getting vehicle wrap for all your business vehicles like sales, service or delivery vans will…

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window vinyl graphics

Advertisements can make a huge difference in your business. Give a special touch to your store windows. Decorating them with decals and vinyl are the best ways to highlight your store. The possibilities are endless when it comes to dealing with custom-built vinyl for windows. The vinyl graphics are customizable to offer anything from a flash sale to a special discount.

Endless Array of Themes & branding with Vinyl Graphics

Custom-made vinyl…

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trade show display

Exhibiting at expos and trade shows is an excellent B2B marketing strategy for businesses in Ottawa. Trade shows in Ottawa provide you the perfect opportunity to showcase all that your company has to offer and play an important role in helping build the overall image of your brand. Capture the attention of potential clients, evoke emotions, build connections and take your brand to the next level with the help…

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windows, wall murals and signs

They say the words get blurred if the book is too close to your eyes. There was space all around your homemade coffee shop, and you never gave any consideration to office 3D letters, let alone wall-sized murals. You thought the name of your brand, and word of mouth are powerful enough reasons to make hay while the sun shines.

You were half right!

The majority of people are…

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wall murals

Boss your Walls with Boss Image Wall Murals

It is big, it is daunting, and almost every apartment and house for lease in Canada has got it. No, I am not talking about that stack of laundry that you swear you will get to soon — it is that blazing huge white wall. Even if your homeowner lets you paint, a plain expanse can make your otherwise beautiful home feel a little spare. However, just because you…

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promotional materials

Are you a sales or marketing professional in Ottawa responsible for planning how to showcase your new product or service at an upcoming industry tradeshow?  This is likely not your first trade show so chances are you know that exhibiting at an industry trade show is an effective way to show off your latest product or service, and promote your company and brand to potential customers, partners and employee…

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Vinyl banners are almost a no-maintenence advertising option, but there are ways to extend the life of your vinyl banner with little to almost no effort. Banner maintenance is a good idea, especially for businesses that are planning on using theirs multiple times a year for many years to come.

Storing Your Vinyl Banner

  • Never fold your banner – this could cause unsightly fold marks and hinder the way the…
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Sidewalk Signs: How You’ll Benefit

Sidewalk signs have been an effective tool for many years. Businesses that rely on heavy foot traffic benefit the most from sidewalk signs. This type of signage is very useful at informing people what is available or what special deals you have going on in your business.

Who can benefits ?

Small vendors such as specialty gift shops, local designers/brands, family owned food shops, etc., can lure customers in to see…

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