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How to Choose the Right Window Display

How do you choose the right window display for your business?

Window graphics for your business’ storefront will be one of the first things that catches a potential customer’s eye, therefore it is imperative that it not only accurately reflects your brand, but that it is the right type of graphic for your window, and that it is durable enough to look new for a long period of time.

Types of…

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It can be so simple, and subtle, that we are influenced on how we feel and react. This is the goal for graphic design. One of the lesser-known, but not necessarily less powerful, ways to invoke emotion is simple, colours.

How Can You Ensure That Your Finished Graphic Design Reflects Your Brand?

Ensure that the design of your printing and print media is aesthetically balanced and visually appealing….

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Why Hire a Printing Professional?

It’s easy to assume that using a printing professional will be costly, but in fact it’ll save you money, and stress. There are numerous considerations when making this decision, such as quality of the printing, amount of printing, and other requirements that are specific to companies. Even though the costs of hiring a professional for the job, you are guaranteed to benefit and we’ll tell you why.

Quality of Paper


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Why Business Cards Are Still Relevant

We live in a digital world, there’s no argument there. Mail, networking, contracts, and first impressions are a perfect example of this. The business card is one of the last surviving non-digital aspects to a thriving business or business person. Here you’ll learn why the business card is still important and why your pocket should still be full of them.

Swapping Contact Information Digitally Is Impersonal. 

Networking for your business and…

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Trade Show Design Do’s and Don’ts

We want you to be the most prepared for trade show season! When it comes to a trade show design, the largest and most expensive booths are not necessarily the most effective ones. The quality of design will maximize the memorability of your booth, such as maximizing space and effectively conveying your brand.

When designing your trade show booth, it’s best to keep these do’s and don’ts in mind:


  • Do…
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Signage No Retailer Can Afford to Ignore

It is the first impression, and what determines the foot traffic through your doors – Outdoor Signage. If you are looking to run a successful business that needs to attract customers and drive sales, then getting noticed is a first priority. Getting customers through the door is usually the largest hurdle to beginning a relationship. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when creating outdoor…

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Printed products have more uses than to brand a business or be used as stationary…Printed graphics have a place everywhere, including your home. Turning every day items such as cabinets, murphy beds and your walls, give you endless opportunities to get creative and bring a unique flair to your space. Boss Image Inc has a variety of home print design options to boost your space!

Printed Graphics in Your Home


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How to Mix Digital Marketing and Print

As times progress, marketing and advertising is becoming more and more digital. People may find it challenging to work print into the mix, but if you can master the art of print and digital marketing, your business will soar among others. Statistics show (photo below) that, while digital marketing is growing immensely, customers tend to trust print marketing over digital. Digital is great for engagement and…

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When to Change Your Window Graphic

Seasons change, and so should your window graphics! One of the biggest branding mistake a business can do is de-prioritize their visual advertising and keep a stagnant window graphic in place. While there is no exact time as to when you should change them, many factors come into play for keeping your brand up-to-date and relevant to foot traffic. The general time a window graphic should be changed…

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Types of Window Graphics

Smart Business marketing is advertising your company as much as possible, and as creatively! Take a look around…See any drab, empty window space? Use non-productive spaces in your office or store to promote your business with a window graphic! A window graphic can mean many things in the world of printing, from text overlays to product promo. You can be unique and make your space looking amazing.

Boss Images Inc. specializes…

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