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Signage No Retailer Can Afford to Ignore

It is the first impression, and what determines the foot traffic through your doors – Outdoor Signage. If you are looking to run a successful business that needs to attract customers and drive sales, then getting noticed is a first priority. Getting customers through the door is usually the largest hurdle to beginning a relationship. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when creating outdoor…

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Printed products have more uses than to brand a business or be used as stationary…Printed graphics have a place everywhere, including your home. Turning every day items such as cabinets, murphy beds and your walls, give you endless opportunities to get creative and bring a unique flair to your space. Boss Image Inc has a variety of home print design options to boost your space!

Printed Graphics in Your Home


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How to Mix Digital Marketing and Print

As times progress, marketing and advertising is becoming more and more digital. People may find it challenging to work print into the mix, but if you can master the art of print and digital marketing, your business will soar among others. Statistics show (photo below) that, while digital marketing is growing immensely, customers tend to trust print marketing over digital. Digital is great for engagement and…

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window graphics

When to Change Your Window Graphic

Seasons change, and so should your window graphics! One of the biggest branding mistake a business can do is de-prioritize their visual advertising and keep a stagnant window graphic in place. While there is no exact time as to when you should change them, many factors come into play for keeping your brand up-to-date and relevant to foot traffic. The general time a window graphic should be changed…

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Ottawa signage

Types of Window Graphics

Smart Business marketing is advertising your company as much as possible, and as creatively! Take a look around…See any drab, empty window space? Use non-productive spaces in your office or store to promote your business with a window graphic! Window graphics can mean many things in the world of printing, from text overlays to product promo. You can be unique and make your space looking amazing.

Boss Images Inc. specializes in…

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Print is Not Dead

It’s been a lasting argument circling around the world of marketing…Is print marketing still worth it? The answer is, YES! You’ve heard the arguments, but our favourite and most agreed upon argument is the one and only saying, “What’s old is new again”! Nowadays we are constantly immersed in digital marketing efforts, so much in fact it’s become the norm. We are used to being bombarded with…

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vehicle graphic

If you are a business owner who is looking for a creative way to branch out and advertise far and wide, vehicle wraps are for you! Due to their mobility and non-aggressive advertising efforts, vehicle graphics can make up to 1.26 million impressions a year, with little to no effort other than installation! Other than the obvious reach, you should invest into a vehicle wrap for…

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Trade show displays

Trade Show Options

When you are representing your business at a trade show, you want to have an unique design and a creative display! People often feel limited to the types of displays they can use, but here at Boss Images Inc, we have a full repertoire of unique trade show displays that will bring your booth up to the next level:

Portable Pop-Up Display:
The portable pop-up display is a free-standing graphic display….

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Wall murals

Wall Murals – From start to Finish


img_2275 Before

After After




Wall Murals are the BEST way to amp up your space and build your business’s or home’s atmosphere! It’s a detailed process that requires skill, an eye for design and the ability to pay attention to detail. We will go over the steps of preparation…

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Banner printing

A Banner Job!

Banners are a common and effective use of promotional printed materials to advertise a business. Creating a banner may seem relatively simple, but there is strategics when it comes to designing a BOSS banner! Like all promotional materials, all should follow the brand of the company for a seamless line of materials. While this is so, banners have specific questions to keep in mind when designing such as:

Where is your…

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