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One Stop Shop

Here at Boss Image Inc., we pride ourselves in our speedy and well-rounded services available to any potential client! When we are proposed with a project, no matter the size, we work quickly and efficiently to get things completed as soon as the client needs them. This goes hand in hand with our well-rounded services. We stand out among other printing service companies due to our talented staff in all areas of…

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The Ins and Outs of Advertising

Knowing where to advertise comes down to a number of factors all ranging from your business’s industry, what your target demographic is, and which products you are offering. After determining these initial steps, it’s important to look into multiple channels of advertising such as online, print and outdoor signage. At Boss Image Inc. we can assist on all levels of advertisement preparation from design to large-scale billboard printing. Here…

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Your Wall is our Blank Canvas

Here at Boss Image Inc. we see a wall as a blank canvas. The walls in your home or office have endless possibilities for creative and functional uses, whether it is purely decorative or used as a marketing space for your company’s services or brand. Boss Images is a full service company providing design, large-scale printing, marketing materials, and installation and our wall mural services integrate all of these…

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Trade Show displays

Trade Show Basics

Trade shows are a sea of various businesses in generally the same industry as your own, competing for passerby’s time and attention. If you do not have people specifically there to visit your booth, the only chance of interaction is from people walking by, so getting their attention is crucial! Below are the five effective ways to use your trade show roll-ups and signage to gain the most…

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Vehicle Lettering

It’s a Wrap!

Thinking about doing a vehicle wrap? We highly suggest it, as it’s an excellent marketing tool for a business to grow their organic audience, or to just have a BOSS looking vehicle! We have provided some preparation tips for getting the vehicle ready to wrap, ensuring its long-lasting effectiveness:

CAR CLEANING: Before a car can be wrapped it needs to be cleaned. The wrap installer will do this for you…

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Window graphics

Embrace the Traffic



To get your business the attention it needs to thrive in any retail setting, you must have some BOSS advertising! You may have a catchy name or unique business card, but if your signage doesn’t properly portray your business, you may never gain your full potential of new passing-by customers. An effective window graphic will tell the story…

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Getting the Most Out of Your Signage

Every business has a different strategies and goals in place to reach the customer base they want. This all comes to play when deciding the type of signage you will use for your business. While some companies may require certain signage over others, we believe there is a set list of signs every business should use no matter the industry, as each has their own place and purpose…

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Tricks of the trade

Behind every printed masterpiece there is a process and a technique. Each style of printing uses different materials and methods which require the proper tricks of the trade. having a unique printed design will make all difference when you are trying to stand out amongst your competitors, and at Boss Image, we ensure the highest quality printing techniques:

Embossing/Debossing: Both processes involve making a metal plate and a counter. The…

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Often one thinks that creativity has no rules, and in some cases it can be true, but with graphic designers that is not always the case. Graphic design is all about communicating with visuals, and it can be a tricky task to be done effectively. To have proper graphic design products, there is a set of solid rules/guidelines one has to follow:

Practice appropriate word spacing: Leading is the…

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It’s More than just a Card

Make your business card a work of art by incorporating the power of graphic design and print. You can have a card, or you can have a true masterpiece that represents you and your brand to its fullest.

Through the use of graphic design and print we are able to communicate cleverly through different techniques that go hand in hand. A few of our favourite graphic design/printing combinations…

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