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Why Using A Local Printing Company Matters

Supporting local businesses is important; when a community supports the pillars within it, it only serves to further enhance the overall environment.

The best part of local businesses is that they usually have a very quick turnaround since most of their supplies are locally sourced. When it comes to printing services, here are some great reasons to consider going with a local print company:

“Better Customer Support

Talking about printing options…

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Ways to Spruce Up Your Brand Design for 2017

A new year represents a clean slate for everything; a new opportunity to start things fresh and decide on a new direction to take your life and/or business in. When it comes to your brand, what better time to refresh designs and try something more creative than ever?

Here are some tips to help your business get off to a great start in 2017:

“Print Brochures

Brochures can also be an…

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Facts About Digital Printing

When it comes to creating the perfect design there are many different ways to achieve it. Digital printing isn’t new, but the capabilities of using this technology are endless. Seeing as how it’s popularity has only continued to grow since it’s inception, it’s safe to say that it will be around for a while.

Here are some important facts about digital printing which you may or may not have…

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Graphic Design Trends for 2017

It’s hard to believe that we’re nearing the end of the year; if all the festive decorations/music and extremely cold weather weren’t an indication before, they should be now! This is a time that is usually spent spreading joy and love among family and friends (as it should be), but it’s also a good time to give some consideration to the future…especially if you’re thinking of refreshing or completely…

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Variety in Business Signage

Your business is more than the products/services you offer, it’s also a message toward your audience. The signage that you have at your physical location says a lot about your brand, the particular area you’re in and the type of people that you’re marketing to. For instance, businesses that offer products/services that are geared toward children are usually playfully designed and utilize bright colours.

There are many different signage…

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Decisions, decisions, some are easier to make than others. When it comes to things that may seem difficult at the time but are actually not that tough (what to buy people for their birthday/holidays) asking the right question and making important observations about what they happen to like can be rather helpful. When it comes to decisions that take a little more consideration, take the necessary time to make…

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Vehicle Graphics

The Key to Effective Truck Wraps

Vehicle wraps are effective on their own; they are able to provide an immediate and mobile way to get people interested in the particular message/brand which the wrap is displaying. However, this doesn’t mean that everyone that uses a vehicle wrap is doing it in the best way possible.

Before anything is put on paper in terms of design and moving forward with a vehicle wrap that you believe will…

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The right branding will help any business stand out from the competition…of which there is a lot. Regardless of the particular industry you’re in, everybody is vying for the top spot, which means that making an instant and lasting impression is crucial. The best way to do this is to focus on the details.

Business cards represent the first leave behind element that is used when you engage at a networking…

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As time progresses, the marketplace for respective industries will only continue to get more crowded; as the competition gets more fierce, it becomes that much more challenging to stand out. If your brand has been around for over 10 years let’s say, and the last time you put any thought toward the design and overall style of it was during it’s inception… now is the time!

When it comes to…

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The way something is designed can depend on a few factors such as the particular skill set and capabilities of the person who is doing the designing and the vision of the person who first came up with the initial idea (if not the same as the designer). Perspectives and personal tastes can sometimes be factors as well, but shouldn’t necessarily be unless the designer is is creating something…

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