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It is big, it is daunting, and almost every apartment and house for lease in Canada has got it. No, I am not talking about that stack of laundry that you swear you will get to soon — it is that blazing huge white wall. Even if your homeowner lets you paint, a plain expanse can make your otherwise beautiful home feel a little spare. However, just because you happen to have a lease does not mean you cannot come up with a creative solution. Therefore, you may;


Go Bold, Go Wall Murals

A wall mural is an instant eye catcher, and adds glam to an enormous wall, especially when there are ultra-high ceilings involved. It adds depth and dimension to any room, taking it from unexciting to spectacular. It is equally useful for small rooms, as well as larger surfaces. A mural can genuinely showcase an apartment or house, if it is done right, with a suitable piece of art that complements the look and feel of the particular apartment.


Although a painted mural is not exactly a possibility for tenants, there is a smart way to capture this dramatic look through temporary murals. Practically like detachable wallpaper, these adhesive-backed wall murals install effortlessly and can be peeled off without a trace when it is time to move.


Captures Attention (Business)

Wall Murals attract attention! Several businesses use murals as a landmark because of their ability to capture attention and make businesses readily identifiable. A picture is a visual avatar of thousand words, and here, at BossImage, we believe that nothing conveys the ambiance of your home and the attitude of your company better than art. Therefore, a mural is a fantastic way to capture the attention of your audience and make them identify more with your business. Also, Murals are not expensive.


How it Works

  1. Define your space
  • Take precise measurement of the wall, width by height.
  • Take a photograph of the wall.
  • Email us the picture and measurements.
  1. Select an image
  • Choose a picture of your own, OR;
  • Select from a stock photography site. Do not buy until you have submitted it for approval.
  • Let our graphics team facilitate you to complete your masterpiece.


  1. Submit image for approval
  • BossImage will review the size, resolution, and orientation of the photograph to establish its suitability for your space.


  1. Installation
  • Once approved, the installation will be arranged in 5-7 business days.
  • Installation typically takes 1 to 2 hours.

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