Seasons change, and so should your window graphics! One of the biggest branding mistake a business can do is de-prioritize their visual advertising and keep a stagnant window graphic in place. While there is no exact time as to when you should change them, many factors come into play for keeping your brand up-to-date and relevant to foot traffic. The general time a window graphic should be changed is between 3-5 weeks, while taking in these considerations before changing:


Keeping up-to-date with the changing seasons and holidays will let people know your business stays in loop with changing trends and relevant topics in the industry. Ignoring your window graphics could cause a decrease in sales, especially if you are promoting Beach wear during Christmas time. On top of relevance, weather conditions will also need different types of window graphic materials.


Utilizing your window space to showcase sales and new products is an excellent way to reach foot-traffic. Use this to your advantage and change your window graphic for new campaigns and promotions to amp up the hype and attention. Using window graphics for new things going on in your store or business will bring in an audience you may not reach online or through other advertising efforts.


If you are in an area with high foot traffic, you want to make sure you keep the audience interested and excited to visit your shop. The exterior of your store is what will entice new customers to stop by, and keep existing customers excited to visit.

Keep your Brick and Mortar location up-to-date and exciting for new customers by changing up your window graphics as often as you can. A BOSS window graphic will bring in those crowds and keep them wanting more! For your window graphic design, installation and upkeep contact Boss Image Inc, your printing experts.

Written by BOSS