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Decisions, decisions, some are easier to make than others. When it comes to things that may seem difficult at the time but are actually not that tough (what to buy people for their birthday/holidays) asking the right question and making important observations about what they happen to like can be rather helpful. When it comes to decisions that take a little more consideration, take the necessary time to make a decision you can be happy with down the road.

Window graphics for your business’ storefront for example are decisions that fall into the latter category; this will likely be one of the first things that catches a potential customer’s eye so it’s important that it not only accurately reflects your brand, but that it is the right type of graphic for your window that is durable enough to look new for a long period of time. Here are some different window graphic types to consider:

“Security FilmA crucial part of any security strategy, a security film placed on windows will prevent shattered glass from spraying and causing potential injury. We can install safety films and security laminates on both new construction and existing windows. Ideal for government buildings, hospitals, schools, businesses, homes, vacation properties and vehicles.

Die-cut Decals offer a number of great options. They can be either “shape cut” (leaving a small border around your design) or “exact cut” (no border). They can be applied either inside or out, and they can be single- or double-sided (meaning the design is visible from either side of the window).

Perforated Window Decal– Perforated “one-way” vinyl is the popular choice for street-facing window murals. Tiny holes in the vinyl ensure the design looks normal and opaque from the outside, while people looking through from the other side can see out—even if the pattern covers the entire window.

Vinyl lettering – Promote brand awareness and capture the attention of potential and current customers by making a great impression! These can be installed inside or out and are available in many different fonts and colours. They are ideal for promoting your name, business hours or latest special offer.”

Whatever window graphic choice you make ensure that it is the right type for your brand. At Boss Image, your Ottawa printing and design professional we can help you from start to finish. Contact us to let us know how we can meet your needs and get a custom quote.

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