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The way something is designed can depend on a few factors such as the particular skill set and capabilities of the person who is doing the designing and the vision of the person who first came up with the initial idea (if not the same as the designer). Perspectives and personal tastes can sometimes be factors as well, but shouldn’t necessarily be unless the designer is is creating something for themselves.

When it comes to designing a physical room you have to take into consideration things such as how a particular element may affect a room as a whole, rather than just where that specific item happens to be placed alone. Digital printing is helping to improve how interior design is being done. “It is revolutionizing the textile, tile and wallpaper industries, and in the process opening up the world of custom design to anyone. A deep knowledge of manufacturing techniques, dyes, fabrics, fibers, papers, glazes and inks — expertise that generally takes a professional designer years to acquire — is no longer a prerequisite. You only need to know how to use a personal computer and how to upload your own original artwork or photographs onto a manufacturer’s website.”

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