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To get your business the attention it needs to thrive in any retail setting, you must have some BOSS advertising! You may have a catchy name or unique business card, but if your signage doesn’t properly portray your business, you may never gain your full potential of new passing-by customers. An effective window graphic will tell the story of your business through the use of imagery and words, ultimately enticing new customers to come in and increase your overall foot traffic.

Of course, the location of your store will have a significant affect on the amount of people who will see your window signage, but both (busy and slow) locations need equally impressive graphics. For example, a busy shopping area will need to compete against many other businesses, so using large wording, bright colours and graphic images on your window display will draw people towards your business rather than others.

If you are in a less populated area, having an awesome window display will be just as important. Standing out as a business will draw customers in and start to recognize your business as the go-to spot in the area, rather then a regular walk-by store front like so many others.



Quick tips for your window display:

1) Tell a Story

2) Think in Visual Planes

3) Be surprising

4) Bold shapes and colours

5) Keep it clean/tidy

6) Regularly update the display

7) Use lighting to stand out

Overall, good advertising equals higher foot traffic, better brand awareness and ultimately higher sales for your business. Each business is unique and has the opportunity to shine no matter what location it’s in. For your window display, contact Boss Image Inc, your printing experts, to get the advertising you need!

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