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When it comes to creating the perfect design there are many different ways to achieve it. Digital printing isn’t new, but the capabilities of using this technology are endless. Seeing as how it’s popularity has only continued to grow since it’s inception, it’s safe to say that it will be around for a while.

Here are some important facts about digital printing which you may or may not have known:

  1. One of the lesser known digital printing facts is that this method is non-contact. The images, words, and patterns that are produced are the result of ink jet nozzles that are controlled by a computer. The nozzles spray the desired amount of ink onto the desired area of the paper. The entire process is closely managed by computer programs and hardware.
  2. Another of the interesting digital printing facts is that this process can be very environmentally friendly when water based inks are used and no powders or coatings are applied. It is sometimes cost prohibitive to go completely green but there are ways to keep costs down without harming the environment more than absolutely necessary.
  3. Digital printing uses a complicated math formula to assemble each image that will be printed. Because a color management system is used the images will always look the same no matter where they are located in the final print design. Digitizing is the process of capturing the image from a dot matrix.

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