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Every business has a different strategies and goals in place to reach the customer base they want. This all comes to play when deciding the type of signage you will use for your business. While some companies may require certain signage over others, we believe there is a set list of signs every business should use no matter the industry, as each has their own place and purpose in the marketing world:

Directional Signage: It’s important to place signage throughout your space so consumers know where they can find what they need.

Discounts & Deals Signage: Even if you don’t have a major promotion running in your store, you should still find a way to always highlight at least one deal. This kind of signage will tell consumers they are getting a deal and persuade them to make a purchase, so it’s very important to include these signs throughout your store.

Outdoor Signage: Depending on your location, it may be helpful to also have signs placed outside of the entrance to your store. This is your chance to convince consumers to walk inside and see what you have, so make it count! Change this signage frequently so you can keep customers updated about new products, deals, discounts, and special events.

Persuasive Signage: Every retailer should have at least one sign that creates a sense of urgency so customers know they have to act fast in order to take advantage of a deal or get a new product before it sells out. Food and beverage distributors often use this type of signage to increase interest in a product and boost sales.

Whatever business you are in, it is so important to properly advertise and reach the largest amount of people possible. At Boss Image Inc we can create any marketing signage needed for your business.


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