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Often one thinks that creativity has no rules, and in some cases it can be true, but with graphic designers that is not always the case. Graphic design is all about communicating with visuals, and it can be a tricky task to be done effectively. To have proper graphic design products, there is a set of solid rules/guidelines one has to follow:

Practice appropriate word spacing: Leading is the adjustment of space between vertical lines of type. There are a lot of things that determine what leading you should use – from your choice of typeface, how much text you have to work with etc. But, a good rule of thumb is this: longer line lengths often require a bit more leading than shorter line lengths.

 Don’t Forget to kern: Kerning is the adjustment of space between characters. It doesn’t sound like much, but a good kerning job can make a world of difference. The ultimate goal of kerning is to ensure that the space between each letter is visually even to make for a neat and orderly piece of text.

Have a consistent font palette: A lot of designers recommend that 2-3 fonts should be a maximum in most cases to avoid overcomplicating the design. Try to choose fonts that complement each other and your communication to make for a logical and effective design.

Use the correct alignment: Left aligned type is the most common form (note how even this text is aligned to the left) and for a good reason. It’s the most easily legible and gives a nice, neat left edge to the text. When in doubt, left align.

Don’t think of white space as empty space: White space is one of those diverse and effective tools that can add something special to your design. Well-used white space can have many beneficial effects for your design. It can help put more focus on a specific aspect of your composition, it can let your design ‘breathe’, it can help balance out your elements or it can add some sophistication to your design.

The saying goes that rules are meant to be broken, and while this may sometimes be the case, when it comes to your brand and your design; you want it to look as “graphically-correct” as possible! Take our word for it, and let Boss Image work with your graphic needs!


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