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When you do something memorable, you are remembered; it’s truly as simple as that. In general people tend to have a short attention span, but if you ‘wow’ them from the start it makes it that much easier for you to be remembered when they happen to be thinking of fulfilling a need that your particular company may be able to satisfy.

If you have a physical storefront or will be heading to a trade show event, or you just feel the need to punch up the look of your brand with something more dynamic it’s important that the signage type, size, colour, look and feel are all in line with your current brand (unless new signage is a part of a complete rebranding effort). Here are some important tips to consider when deciding on signage types for your business:

“Good Signage as an Investment
People in business are at times often reluctant to spend the money necessary for high-quality signage. The money spent on upgrading signs and window ads should never be considered as an expense, but rather as an investment! Your sign will help display your business for years to come. The sign reflects and represents your company identity and brand. You want and certainly need to make sure you hire someone who is going to do it right!

Make a Great First Impression
Look around to see what other signs have been put up in your area. What kind of ‘feel’ does the neighborhood have? What is the architectural ambience of the area? Does it include a large number of old vintage heritage buildings? Such a neighborhood might have an assortment of old-style, classic signs, while a more modern neighborhood might prefer a cleaner, sleek, ‘newer look’. Too much information may confuse or disorient potential clients. It is important that your signage can readily attract the eye of any potential customer. Instead, offer just enough information to bring people right through the door.

Attractive and Clean Signage
Clean and attractive signs will attract the eye of your potential customer much more readily than faded, dirty, or outmoded signage. If the signage and the windows appear dirty from the outside, most likely clients would probably not dare to venture within.

The Appropriate Color Scheme
The color scheme of your signage creates a definite impression for the potential client. Most discerning customers are visually oriented, and appreciate the visual appeal factor. This can have a significant impact on how people will view your business. Yellow, for example, creates happy, positive feelings, while pink is linked to love and romance. Blue represents dependability and trustworthiness. Depending on the services or merchandise you’re providing, you want your sign to reflect a specific feeling. Designing the sign for your storefront shouldn’t be a casual undertaking. This sign is the first interaction your customers will have with your business, and you want it to be just right! The visual appeal of the sign has a subconscious effect on the beholder. With a little time and effort, you’ll be able to produce a sign that will draw in customers, and will accurately reflect the tone of your business as a whole.”

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