Vehicle Lettering
February 15, 2017 Vehicle Wraps No Comments

Thinking about doing a vehicle wrap? We highly suggest it, as it’s an excellent marketing tool for a business to grow their organic audience, or to just have a BOSS looking vehicle! We have provided some preparation tips for getting the vehicle ready to wrap, ensuring its long-lasting effectiveness:

CAR CLEANING: Before a car can be wrapped it needs to be cleaned. The wrap installer will do this for you in a dust free environment with a special car cleaning agent while the vinyl is being cut. This minimises the time between cleaning and application so no dirt will stick to the car.

PROBLEM AREAS: Every vehicle has prep problem areas. These areas will not be a problem later, as long as you fix them now. Cleaning these areas will require stronger chemicals, scrub brushes and good old fashion elbow grease.

Be aware of any paint or rust issues before getting the wrap done, as it may be a potential spot for it to fail. A wrap won’t stick to dirt and it won’t stick to open air or imaginary/missing car parts but it will stick really well to bubbling paint and rust. In fact it will rip off paint or even parts of the car when removed.

Sound easy-peasy for such an awesome marketing tool? Vehicle wraps showcase your business or brand wherever you go and are totally worth the investment! For vehicle wraps contact Boss Image Inc, your printing experts.

Written by BOSS