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Make your business card a work of art by incorporating the power of graphic design and print. You can have a card, or you can have a true masterpiece that represents you and your brand to its fullest.

Through the use of graphic design and print we are able to communicate cleverly through different techniques that go hand in hand. A few of our favourite graphic design/printing combinations are:

Shapes: Ditching the basic rectangle can be a refreshing change to the basic business card. A unique shape adds diversity and stands out among the abundance of the typical card shapes. Recommendations: Squares, curves, killer cut outs, multi-purpose

Folding: With the help of a skilled printing company, one can print a folded business card, which equals to a 3-D business card. These are a fun, playful way to tell a story about your brand. Recommendations: Pop-up logo/image, 3-D object that doubles as a card

Embossing: An embossed logo or text is a way to add some elegance and creativity to a card. Recommendations: Embossed titles, embossed logo

Materials: Ditching the card stock and going for a fresh card material really amps up your game. Recommendations: Metal, wood, organic paper, plastics, textures, transparency

Stand out with your branding materials and let Boss Image create a graphic/printed card that will embrace your individuality and blow people’s minds!


Written by BOSS