Vehicle Graphics
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Vehicle wraps are effective on their own; they are able to provide an immediate and mobile way to get people interested in the particular message/brand which the wrap is displaying. However, this doesn’t mean that everyone that uses a vehicle wrap is doing it in the best way possible.

Before anything is put on paper in terms of design and moving forward with a vehicle wrap that you believe will be best for your brand, it’s best to plan things out accordingly first. What is your budget? What type of vehicle do you want to have wrapped? How much of said vehicle will be wrapped? The more you take these type of things into consideration, the better off you’ll be. For all vehicle wraps (trucks especially) here are some things to keep top of mind:

“Building a Brand – always get a vehicle wrap professionally done

Truck wraps are most effective when they are professionally done and accurately reflect a company’s brand and mission. Wrapped vehicles are able to command more money because people perceive these designs as professional.

Pricing and Options – be prepared to make the investment

Of course, truck wraps, especially ones designed by reputable graphic designers, are not cheap, but the return on investment is often brief. Pricing is based on the total amount of coverage for the vehicle, measured in square feet. Everything depends on the type of vehicle, how much coverage, and how involved the design; design and install vary depending on time and complexity.”

When you know your budget, what you want to ultimately achieve and how your brand’s message should be translated onto a vehicle, you’ll be able to get the best wrap possible..especially if you partner with an Ottawa print specialist that is able to understand your brand’s needs and effectively and promptly fulfill them.

Written by BOSS