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They say the words get blurred if the book is too close to your eyes. There was space all around your homemade coffee shop, and you never gave any consideration to office 3D letters, let alone wall-sized murals. You thought the name of your brand, and word of mouth are powerful enough reasons to make hay while the sun shines.

You were half right!

The majority of people are intrigued by an appealingly meaningful storefront signage. Window graphics will give your business an avenue to take a typically empty area and showcase both – branding and your products. It is also a fantastic opportunity for your business to partner with relevant brands to offer them coveted space consumers and onlookers will view. Inside your coffee shop, wall murals present a distinctive opportunity to highlight your brand and your story.


Moreover, some retail stores are using office 3D letters and shapes made of plastic, foam, acrylic, or meta to bring their brand’s logo to life by adding their individualistic touch. It is because a usual dimensional letter is a flat-cut object that fits flush to your wall, and the customers have become accustomed to expect this type of presentation. However, the three-dimensional office letter is a departure from the norm and adds sophistication as well as a wow-factor to your coffee shop’s signage.


In addition, upon gaining relative proximity, you can delight onlookers with innovative window graphics that are visible not only to the consumers entering the store but to the people from across the road as well. The critical thing to remember is that both – window branding and wall murals share a significant role in defining your brand’s presence and feel within a storefront or retail shop. Though they occasionally go unnoticed, window graphics and wall art will always help a brand connect to its market segment.


BossImage takes pride in working with companies and businesses of all sizes and offers customized wall, window, and office 3D letters solutions for each individual customer. Therefore, if you would like more information, feel free to get in touch online or via phone.

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