Every wall is a canvas

At BOSS Image, we create artisanal wall murals that make mundane spaces extraordinary.

Ideal for offices, restaurants, hotels, museums, retail locations and personal living spaces, our wall murals are entirely customizable—any design, any colour, any size. Our only limit is the ceiling!

A mural is a great way to create huge visual impact, for example, by reproducing a photo, painting or other artwork. Or ask us to create the perfect, original design to bring your vision to life.

Add beauty and drama to any room

Fully personalize your wall with a mural that reflects your taste, your passion and your personality. Custom mural printing allows you to transform any public or private wall space into a piece of art. This process gives anyone the opportunity to create a truly unique and individualized space.

Working with an existing image or closely with our graphic design team, together we collaborate to bring your vision to life. Wall murals are a perfect solution to easily enhance residential, commercial and corporate spaces – Do it with YOUR image, YOUR way!

How it Works…

1. Define your space
  • Take an accurate measurement of the wall, width by height.
  • Take a picture of the wall.
  • Email us the measurements and picture.
2. Select an image
  • Choose a picture you already own OR
  • Choose from a stock photography site. Do not purchase until you’ve submitted it for approval.
    Right click and “save picture as” OR
  • Allow our graphics team to assist you in your vision.
3. Submit image for approval
  • We will review it. Size, resolution, and orientation of the image will determine its suitability for your space.
4. Installation
  • Once approved, installation will be scheduled in 5-7 business days
  • Installation typically takes 1-2 hours
Product Info
  • Material: Peel & Stick Decal – no glue, no water,  no mess
  • Anything over 4.3’ is printed and installed  on equal panels.
  • Finish: Matte lamination – washable, durable
  • Thickness: 10.0 mil
  • Printed with fade resistant eco-friendly inks.

To get started towards enhancing your indoor ambiance with a vibrant new mural, please contact us with your approximate dimensions.