Set yourself apart with Window Graphics

Windows represent valuable real estate for any storefront or office. Why not put them to work for you?

Adding striking images to your windows is an ideal and cost-effective way to build awareness of your company, products or services. Plus, with today’s perforated vinyl technology, light still passes through and visibility to the outside remains.

Made to last

We use only premium vinyl that is digitally printed and computer-cut. These high-quality, long-lasting materials—which include a UV laminate for sun protection— ensure your window graphics remain vibrant for up to four years.

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Window murals and decals

Depending on your goals and budget, you can choose either full-coverage murals or custom-shaped vinyl decals that cover only part of the window. Either way, your window graphics will be fully customized to meet your needs.



Perforated “one-way” vinyl is the popular choice for street-facing window murals. Tiny holes in the vinyl ensure the design looks normal and opaque from the outside, while people looking through from the other side can see out—even if the pattern covers the entire window.

Unless the mural will be used for only a week or two, we also install a high-quality clear laminate that is designed specifically for perforated vinyl. This protects your graphics from fading and damage, and makes them easier to clean because dirt can’t accumulate in the perforations. (If someone gives you an extremely low price for window graphics, it’s likely they are skipping this important step.) We also follow the manufacturer’s recommendation to seal the edges with black vinyl trim that adds further protection and won’t yellow or lift.


Die-cut decals offer a number of great options. They can be either “shape cut” (leaving a small border around your design) or “exact cut” (no border). They can be applied either inside or out, and they can be single- or double-sided (meaning the design is visible from either side of the window).

Vinyl lettering

Promote brand awareness and capture the attention of potential and current customers by making a great impression! These can be installed inside or out and are available in many different fonts and colours. They are ideal for promoting your name, business hours or latest special offer.

Frosted vinyl
Frosted vinyl adds an attractive and elegant look to door and window glass at a fraction of the cost of etching. Unaffected by UV light, heat, cold or humidity, they are perfect for business windows, conference rooms, dental offices and health care settings, spas and restroom windows as well as glass doors and interior glass panels.

Available as a full-coverage background (for privacy and security) as well as die-cut shapes for letters and logos, frosted vinyl is an elegant, cost-effective and long-lasting way to decorate your business windows and doors.

Download the 3M Fasara frosted vinyl catalog


Security film
A crucial part of any security strategy, a security film placed on windows will prevent shattered glass from spraying and causing potential injury. We can install safety films and security laminates on both new construction and existing windows. Ideal for government buildings, hospitals, schools, businesses, homes, vacation properties and vehicles.

Shine a light on your brand

If you have something to say, window graphics by BOSS Image will make sure your message comes through loud and clear. Why not email us now or give us a call at 613‑715-4607 and let BOSS Image help you get noticed.


Frosted vinyl adds personality and privacy to glass windows and doors while providing a sophisticated, sandblasted look that allows for natural light while also hiding fingerprints and smudges.