May 10, 2017 Printing No Comments

It’s been a lasting argument circling around the world of marketing…Is print marketing still worth it? The answer is, YES! You’ve heard the arguments, but our favourite and most agreed upon argument is the one and only saying, “What’s old is new again”! Nowadays we are constantly immersed in digital marketing efforts, so much in fact it’s become the norm. We are used to being bombarded with ads through social media and web, but the one thing these online efforts are missing is: Authenticity.

Traditional advertising has become so rare, that when we see something tangible that’s clever, unique and good looking, we go crazy for it! We say, go for traditional print marketing, but do it right! Create a strategy that will capture people’s hearts and leave them wanting more! We are not saying abandon your online marketing schemes, but simply use a creative mix of both – and use print to make a real statement!

The best examples of strategic print promotions are products that pack a punch and tell a story. Your strategic print promotions should always lead you back to either your digital efforts, or your physical place of business. Consider a print series that keeps your readers hanging, making them want to learn more OR an interactive promotion that has a call to action.

Print will never die as long as it’s used in innovative ways that keep people guessing and appreciating the pure value from “traditional” advertising. For any of your print needs, from design to installation, contact Boss Image Inc., your print experts.


Written by BOSS