Are you a sales or marketing professional in Ottawa responsible for planning how to showcase your new product or service at an upcoming industry tradeshow?  This is likely not your first trade show so chances are you know that exhibiting at an industry trade show is an effective way to show off your latest product or service, and promote your company and brand to potential customers, partners and employee candidates.

Before you attend the tradeshow, it’s advised to take stock of your own existing promotional materials like exhibition booths, pop up banners and stands, and of course your marketing collateral.

Ask you these questions !

1)      Are they current?

2)      Are your logos, taglines and colour scheme still relevant/accurate?

3)      Is the information correct?

4)      Is your popup banner advertising a product or service that is no longer sold, popular or specifically for that industry?

5)      Is it falling apart, damaged or just in need of a facelift?

6)      How old is your exhibition booth? (Do you even know?)

If the answers to these questions are leaving you with even more questions, or if you are worried about the impression your materials will make on your competitors, customers, prospects or potential employees then it’s really time to talk to BOSS Image Inc. Think about it, if you walked up to a tradeshow booth and noticed that their background was ripped or damaged, falling apart (even slightly), or looked old and dated (maybe it’s been the same booth for the past 7 years), would you really feel compelled to buy from or work with that company? Regardless of whether you notice these things, chances are, your customers and prospects are noticing!

How we can help ?

BOSS Image Inc. knows that great displays and signage send a strong and compelling message about your brand that attracts customers (sales) and potential employees. It also sends a message to your competitors that you are on the cutting edge.

We work with companies in all industries to build warm and welcoming exhibition booths that are attractive and encourage people to come by and take a closer look at what you are offering. Our pop-up portable graphic stands are a popular choice for freestanding booth spaces for conferences, exhibits and trade shows because they are compact, easy to transport and set up.  We can quickly and easily turn your creative vision into a reality. But don’t just take our word for it, check out our design portfolio for inspiration and to learn more about our products and successful clients.

So if you want to stand out from the crowd at your next tradeshow or exhibition, make sure you talk to BOSS Image Inc.  If you have questions, why not email us now or give us a call at 613‑715-4607.

Written by BOSS