It is the first impression, and what determines the foot traffic through your doors – Outdoor Signage. If you are looking to run a successful business that needs to attract customers and drive sales, then getting noticed is a first priority. Getting customers through the door is usually the largest hurdle to beginning a relationship. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when creating outdoor signage:

Be Specific: Customized signs can deliver the right message in the right places. We reccomend relevant product information, services, etc.

Keep It Simple: The message to customers needs to be clear. If there is too much information to take in, signs are often ignored. If you convey the main themes of a your sign within less that five seconds, it has done its job.

Make A Call To Action: Signs are advertisements, and your sign should make the customer feel the need to call to action.

When investing in signage, imagine yourself as a new customer to your business. Make sure everything is clear and consistent with the brand itself. If you consider these steps, your signage will perform to its fullest potential.

Written by BOSS