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Picture a startup company that offers a new way to improve a particular life experience such as body grooming. In order to promote the premiere product line the company has decided to take advantage of local and out of city expos and trade shows.
In order for this startup to make an unforgettable mark at these shows it’s important that their initial statement is memorable; not from the words that they say, but a visual representation of their brand that can’t be denied.

There are different types of displays that are able to achieve maximum impact and they include:

“Banner stands
These tall vertical banners add a complementary visual element to your booth or event display; a durable polyester film with a matte, scuff-resistant lamination. This ensures the image stays clean and crisp—even after repeated unwinding and retracting. Banner stands are very portable and serve a variety of functions, whether you take them on the road to a trade show, or use them to add visual impact in a waiting room or lobby. Similar to a portable movie screen or window shade, roll-up banners have a recoil mechanism that allows the banner to be rewound into the casing for easy and protected travel.

Portable pop-up displays
Our pop-up portable graphic stands are a popular choice for freestanding booth spaces for conferences, exhibits and trade shows. Pop-up displays are compact, easy to transport and set up. They create an effective self-contained backdrop to your exhibition area even when you’re in a totally open space. They can also be combined into various configurations for much larger display spaces, and their travel container can even double as a counter when you need it!”

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