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When it comes to making outdoor banners regardless of the occasion, the intent is always the same: to be as dynamic and have the greatest immediate impact as possible.

There are many different ways to achieve this, but here are some tips to ensure that the banner you get made is able to properly serve it’s purpose and give you the results you want.

Ideal Text Sizes

It’s important to consider at what distances that your viewers will observe your banner. A banner designed to be viewed by pedestrians at street height will have a viewing distance of less than 20 metres, whereas a banner placed on a motorway footbridge will have an average viewer distance of over 80 metres.

Colour and Colour Reproduction

Have you ever experienced seeing a colour on screen that came out differently on the printed job? This is because display devices (e.g. monitors) are RGB devices, whereas printers are CMYK devices. So, just because a colour can be displayed on a monitor, doesn’t mean that it can be printed the way it was displayed. The way around this issue is to save your files in CMYK (4 colour) mode as this represents the colour space of output devices. This will help maintain the consistency and quality through-out the reproduction process.

Design – Each Element is a ‘Voice’

Think of each design element on your banner as a voice. More voices and louder those voices are, the more likely your message will get lost in the noise. Make sure each of these voices sing in harmony, by keeping them in proportion, and limiting your palette to just three colours and two fonts will help maintain this harmony.Please consider also that adding too much text on a banner is never a good idea (for ideal text sizes see below). When you set out to create your outdoor banner, keep your prime objective in mind. If your prime objective is to drive customers to your website, make sure that the loudest voice goes to your URL. One more thing, if you are designing your banner on an A4-sized page remember that for a 3metre x 1metre banner that you only need to use one-third the height of your page (in portrait mode) or just over half in landscape mode.”

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