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January 10, 2018 Trade Shows No Comments

Exhibiting at expos and trade shows is an excellent B2B marketing strategy for businesses in Ottawa. Trade shows in Ottawa provide you the perfect opportunity to showcase all that your company has to offer and play an important role in helping build the overall image of your brand. Capture the attention of potential clients, evoke emotions, build connections and take your brand to the next level with the help of a powerful display. Here are five tips to help make sure that your display stands out from the crowd:


Make sure your display is a representation of your brand

Although you don’t need to spend hours and hours deciding on the right tablecloth for your booth, it is important that you ensure that your display properly represents your company’s image and follows a color theme that represents your firm.


Roll-up banner stands catch more attention

Include a roll-up banner stand to catch the attention of existing and potential customers. Be creative, include pictures and use the banner stand to talk about how clients can benefit from your products and services and enjoy getting plenty of attention from clients that are genuinely interested in your business.


Choose tension fabric

Tension fabric displays have one large chunk of graphics printed on a large piece of fabric and are very easy to set-up. Offering your display an unmatchable value and the highest levels of flexibility to be as creative as you desire, tension fabric displays are an essential ingredient to any successful trade show display. With vivid graphics, rich colors and high quality of materials that go into producing tension fabrics, these promise a classic feel and help your brand receive the attention that it deserves.


Add a personalized template for your company

Effective trade show graphics are an excellent way to stand out. Get a professional designer on board to help you create a template of your company’s name. Create a personalized sign for your booth by using the template.


Not sure of where to start? While having a clear understanding of your vision is essential towards creating an effective trade show display. Having the right professionals on board is just as important. Rely on professional sign printers, such as Boss Image Inc.; to ensure that your displays align with your vision.

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