Smart Business marketing is advertising your company as much as possible, and as creatively! Take a look around…See any drab, empty window space? Use non-productive spaces in your office or store to promote your business with a window graphic! Window graphics can mean many things in the world of printing, from text overlays to product promo. You can be unique and make your space looking amazing.

Boss Images Inc. specializes in creating a wide variety of awesome window graphics! Our specialties are:

Perforated Vinyl:

One of the most popular window adverts are the perforated vinyl installations! The graphic faces the outside, with tiny holes all throughout to make it opaque from the inside, allowing it to not block out any natural light.

Frosted Windows:

Frosted windows can make any glass surface look sleek and well designed. It costs the fractions of the cost of etching, and it is non-affected by changing temperatures, making it perfect for an elegant window graphic!

Window Murals:

Depending on your budget, this can be a great option for a full coverage or custom shaped window graphic. These will be printed with vinyl decals that are fully customizable for your needs.

Don’t waste any opportunity to promote your business! Window graphics allow you to get creative with your brick and mortar location and reach more walk-by clientele. Let Boss Image Inc help you design and install your BOSS window graphic!

Written by BOSS