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Supporting local businesses is important; when a community supports the pillars within it, it only serves to further enhance the overall environment.

The best part of local businesses is that they usually have a very quick turnaround since most of their supplies are locally sourced. When it comes to printing services, here are some great reasons to consider going with a local print company:

“Better Customer Support

Talking about printing options over the phone or completing an online order form can be frustrating and confusing.  A local printer will take the time to answer your questions and fully explain your options. Most even have paper sample books where you can feel the weight, see the brightness of, and examine how colors look on each option.  They can give your project a professional touch and offer custom solutions to fit your needs. A local print company will get to know your business goals and help you make informed decisions. And because they are locally owned, they are better motivated to ensure your confidence and provide the support you need from beginning to end.

Easier to Communicate About Your Printing Projects

An online printing company prints what you send and no one checks for technical errors. Printing is a complex industry where the terminology and acronyms can seem like a foreign language. Your local print company can review or create your project for you. They will help advise you on the right print materials, product size, image and file resolution, margins, and more. If you need to make a change to a project or have a last minute question, your local printer can be reached by phone, email, or even in person with a stop by their shop. In the end, you will rest easier and have fewer headaches because your local print company is invested in your success and knows the end result you want to achieve. 

Better Quality Results

All of these factors combine to ensure your printing job is of superior quality.  When the reputation and image of your business is at stake it just makes sense to consider outsourcing the task of printing to a local print vendor who likewise, has the reputation and image of their business at stake. Let your local print company be your back office print and copy center so you free up time to concentrate on what you do best, growing your business.”

At Boss Image your Ottawa design, signage and print services specialist we take pride in being a local brand that is able to support other local businesses, and then some. Let us help you achieve your company’s design and printing needs.


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