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Your business is more than the products/services you offer, it’s also a message toward your audience. The signage that you have at your physical location says a lot about your brand, the particular area you’re in and the type of people that you’re marketing to. For instance, businesses that offer products/services that are geared toward children are usually playfully designed and utilize bright colours.

There are many different signage types to consider for your brand in order to create maximum impact and effectively engage with your audience, such as:

“Directional signs – Provide information on where to find businesses within a business complex and are usually meant to be viewed from a vehicle and by pedestrians.

Wall signs – Tell your customers who you are and where you are. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some are individual letters, some are simple flat signs, and some are lighted sign boxes. They can be illuminated from within, from behind, or from lights shining on the sign.”

Other sign types include construction hoarding, banners, coroplast signs and more. For the best in custom designed signage for your brand contact Boss Image, your Ottawa signage, printing and design specialist!

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