Directional signs
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Point Your Customers in the Right Direction!

We rely on signs every day to find an exit while traveling on the freeway; we look at different signs and information boards placed at airports to catch our flight. The importance of directional signs is undeniable, in businesses they can play a vital role in helping potential customers to get to your office easily. Most signs can double as advertisement billboards containing important information about your business.

Materials used for making Directional Signs?

Directional signs are most often represented in the form of an arrow, which shows the name of your company and the main contact information indicating the direction of movement. If you have placed the sing at the correct location, you can be sure that the information will reach its destination, i.e. in the customer’s mind and help them remember your brand. Thus, you get a good result with a small effort at an affordable price.

PVC for Signs

Most signs are made from PVC plastic because this material is durable and shock-resistant. The PVC is ideal for making directional signs for your business because the material is light and non-toxic, flexible affordable and easy to process. The smooth flat surface is great for drawing images or textual information using the ORACAL film.

The only limitation in making signs with PVC is high temperatures, sometimes the signs are not shaped the way you expect them when they are exposed to heat. When heated, it can deform and release chlorine that could be damaging to the general health of people. The signs made from PVC are to be used indoors.


Methods of drawing an image on a plate for Directional Signs

Depending on the selected material for the production of the indicator and the budget, the image is applied using the following methods:

  • Full-color printing – the four primary colors are blended together to help you get the all the colors visible to the human eye. This technique can be used in a transparent and white film.
  • Ultraviolet (UV) printing – applying information using special ultraviolet inks. This type of sign printing can be on a variety of materials for example plastic, acrylic, wood, and glass.
  • The printed image is durable, not affected by moisture and other unfavorable conditions.
  • Glue film ORACAL – suitable for any smooth flat surface you can also cut out various shapes, logos, letters and put on the tablets.
  • Volumetric letters are made of plastic and expanded polystyrene. They are applied to the plate with the help of high-quality glue.
  • Pseudo-volume is a technology that uses color plastic to achieve the illusion of a 3-D image. It is possible to solder transparent plastic with a color a color base creating a ‘’


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