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Building and maintaining a brand takes a lot of work. The dedication and tireless efforts that go into creating a company is reflected in more than just the products and services that are offered. Every element of your brand (from the logo to stationery and other marketing materials) help to create a tangible extension and representation of your brand. Shouldn’t that representation be of the highest quality and reflect your business in the most accurate way?

Here are some of the benefits of hiring a professional printing company to fulfill all of your brand’s printing needs:

Quality of Paper
To begin, one of the most important advantages of hiring a printing professional is the specialized resources that they have at their disposal. This can be seen in many ways, but the most basic one is also the easiest to miss: the quality of the paper. There are different types of printing papers that printing professionals have available that very few company offices tend to have. This can be important because the type of printing paper plays an important factor in the outcome of the print or photocopy job. For example, there are options of gloss, metallic and matte paper which have varying degrees of color saturation and reflection. Some are more suited for bright and vibrant displays, while others are more suitable for darker colors. Printing professionals can also offer advice about selecting the correct paper for the specific printing order.

Printing Quality and Options

It may seem obvious to state that printing professionals will offer printing that is higher in quality compared to printing done at the office. Printing professionals tend to have the latest machines capable of achieving higher levels of detail, as well as the software and expertise to optimize each print job. Additional factors that printing professionals offer in terms of quality of the print are options that can be used to enhance the end products. There are advanced options such as lamination, custom frames and cuts, and surface texturing that may not be available if the print job was processed in the office. These finishing touches on the print can allow it to stand out as well as last longer.

Lower Cost
Hiring a professional printing service may seem like an increase in costs. However, in the right situation, hiring a printing professional can actually substantially lower the cost of printing for a company. This is because for an office to process large printing orders, there are a number of fixed costs, such as the costs of machinery, as well as variable costs, such as the cost of ink and wages. In many cases, it just isn’t cost efficient for companies to establish their own printing operations in their office when it can be outsourced. In addition, there are high costs in terms of fixed costs and variable costs, since printer ink costs less for professional printing companies compared to offices that have smaller orders. Ink for desktop printers is far more expensive for bulk printing than outsourcing to a printer. In addition, for employees to work on the print order means that wages also need to be taken account when accessing the cost of printing. In most situations, it is simply cheaper to hire a professional printing service.

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